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Merry Christmas

The campground board and staff would like to wish each of you a very Merry CHRISTmas.  Please take time during your celebration to ponder that God loved you so much to send his only son into this world to die on a cross so that you might have everlasting hope of a life with him.  Talk about a gift, the gift that overwhelms all other gifts combined.  That is what CHRISTMAS is all about, not the stockings on the mantle, not the gifts that will end up in the landfill sooner or later, but that hope of eternal salvation.  Once again Merry CHRISTMAS and we look foward to serving Christ in 2021!

New bell!

Every campground needs a bell to signal kids to come into the dining hall.  Now our campground has a bell thanks to a donation of a bell and the installation.  Come and hear the bell ring during camp!


We have very few dates left for this summer and also have several weekends booked this spring and fall.  If you are interested in having a camp or retreat, contact the caretaker for available dates.

A bell needed to ring at the campground!

The campground board would really like a old fashioned dinner bell to be installed at the dining hall.  It would be used to call kids to the dining hall or warn campers of a weather emergency.   If you have one or would like to donate a bell, please contact us!