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A bell needed to ring at the campground!

The campground board would really like a old fashioned dinner bell to be installed at the dining hall.  It would be used to call kids to the dining hall or warn campers of a weather emergency.   If you have one or would like to donate a bell, please contact us!

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If you are looking for a location for a graduation open house, the dining hall has some open dates. Contact the caretaker for more info, rates and open dates!
As we host youth camps thoughout the summer, be in prayer that the kids will have a safe and enjoyable time, but also come to understand God's great love for them.  Our youth of today can always use prayer.

4th of July Festival

Once again, the campground will be serving chicken and noodles during the annual 4th of July festival.  We will be serving July 2-4 at Forest Park.  Come join us and the other non profit groups for some great food!